Sunday, March 4, 2018

2017-2018 update.

After a couple of trips by bicycle to Guelph I returned by bicycle as far as Stratford were I got a job as a building supervisor. I am planning to spent at least a year in Stratford and I will try selling my books on the street. If it goes well I may stay longer and maybe even locate here permanently.
       I am still working on my third book as well as doing research for future books. I am also working on publishing a book of my mother's short stories and a couple of projects for my wife. Look for new releases soon,
      My third book, Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems, has become more challenging than expected, but that is resulting in a superior product. It is my first attempt at non-fiction and my first time working with a professional editor. The editing is taking a lot of time, but it should be perfect when done.
       I still dabble in graphic design and created an animation for my book website. The website is completely redesigned and can be seen at