Sunday, June 19, 2016

on the road at last

My first day venturing out on my bike tour proved to be a challenge. I set out at 2:15am and after travelling about one hour, I realized I forgot my wallet. On my way back home the bar on the trailer broke. It took me about two hours to make a new reinforced one. I am pulling an estimated 200 lbs of equipment and tools. 

About 6:15 I set out again. The sun came out and it began to get warm. I removed my jacket and moved on, but immediately a slight rain began. I found some shelter at Argyle mall as the rain got heavier. It tapered off to a drizzle so I set out again. Morning traffic on Dundas st was building. Rain went between a drizzle and moderate. I was happy to get off Dundas St. when I turned on to Nissouri Rd. I was getting rather damp from the light rain and found shelter at the greenhouse place. Once inside, the rain got heavy. I had a sundae and a hot chocolate as I waited out the rain. One employee bought a book and the heavy rain suddenly stopped. 

I set out again, turning east on Evelyn Rd. This would be the main stretch of the first leg of my journey. I fought a strong headwind all day and was exhausted when I reached Tavistock. More later

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