Friday, July 8, 2016

A Quick Update

A quick update.

On July 4, 2016, I checked out the Wellington County Museum in Fergus and had a very long interview at the Wellington Advertiser. I left Fergus early morning on July 5, Just before I got to Alma, I had worn through a tire on the trailer an it sounded like a gunshot when the tube blew out. Luckily I had the two new tires I bought in Guelph, After digging out the tire repair kit that was kept in the bottom of my trailer, I patched the tube and installed the new tire. After checking if it was holding air, I packed up everything and rode on, but the strange clunking noise sounded like a flat tire. Yes, it went down again and I tried a second attempt at patching about 50 ft from where I made the first repair.

Second patch done, I wanted to be sure it was successful, so I sat in my lounge chair for a while before repacking the trailer. I was now holding and I finally got into Alma, bought an ice cream cone and then a pop. Now ready to move on, I looked and the tire was again flat.

The hole in the tube was very big and I originally thought it would be good to use the spare tube I brought with me, but I realized it was a 14 inch while the tires were 16 inch. Therefore I made two attempts to patch the old tube. Now I began to scrape off all the glue from the first two attempts to try a third attempt, but was not at all sure that the tube was salvageable. Maybe the 14 inch would work. I tried it and three days later it is still holding.

Half way between Alma and Drayton I noticed the other wheel on the cart was squealing. Checking it out, the whole axle was turning. The bearing was seized. As I road on I looked for a place I could work on it and perhaps get some grease. Alas, I heard a clunk and the bearing started working again. Releived I thought I could get to Drayton were I hoped to find another bearing. I couple kms later it seized again. I notice a house with a garage behind it. One door was open and it appeared there was a workshop. I went to the door and the lady told me her husband was in the shop and would be glad to help me. I again unloaded the trailer to get the wheel off and get into the bearing. It was very dry and the bearing that remained were bunched up on one side jamming the axle. The inner race had a crack in it and the outer race was chewed up, but with grease and forcing the remaining bearing back in, I got the bearing working fairly smoothly.

As we worked, the lady of the house came out and asked if I would like supper. This was a real blessing to me. She had the meal prepare just about the time her husband and I had the trailer put back together. Her fresh salad made from vegetables from her own garden was delicious, especially with her own home made dressing. I enjoyed the meal and the company very much. I will remember Sam and Grace Martin and the kindness they showed me for much time.

It was about 8:30 pm when I left the Martins and it took me about 1 hour to complete the distance to Drayton. This was the fastest progress I had made thus far. The smooth running bearing may have had something to do with that, or perhaps it was that I was now going down hill more that up and the head wind I faced earlier had subsided. Whatever the reason I got into Drayton at dusk and had time to set up my tent in Centennial Park while I could still see. However as I was rolling into Drayton, I notice that the wheel we had repaired was very sloppy. It was turning freely and I rolled along OK, but it appeared the inner bearing had fallen right out. This was sure to be a problem and I knew I could no continue far without replacing the bearing. I slept uneasily in the tent and woke up about 5 am still worrying about what I would do about the bearing. worst case, I figured I could get to my sister's friends in Moorefield and call her to come and get me. I don't like failure, so I dreaded this option.

Biking around town, I began, early in the morning to look for a place that may have the part I needed. I met a man walking and he inquired what I was doing. I explained my situation and he said that he had some bearing at his shop. I followed him there, but the bearing he had were much too small. He suggested a small engine repair shop, but said it would not open until 9 am

To be continued later. (note that I now, Friday July 8, 2016, am in Listowel at the traveler information center. I hope to make Tavistock tonight and London tomorrow.)


  1. Thanks for stopping into the Listowel Chamber of Commerce today George! I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Thanks for stopping into the Listowel Chamber of Commerce today George! I look forward to reading your book!


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