Monday, July 11, 2016

Update continued

The Morning of July 6, 2016 consisted of looking for a bearing for my trailer. After running to several places and having everyone tell me to try the small engine repair place that opened at 9am, I arrived at G & H Small Engines just after 9 am. I introduced myself and let them know what I needed. They showed me some lawnmower wheels that had a similar bearing and I thought if the bearing did not fit I could possibly use the wheels. Harry, one of the owners, bought a book from me and they allowed me to pull my bike and trailer into their shop so I could take the wheel off. I presented them with the wheel and said that I would pay them to put a bearing in it. Half the inner race was now missing and only one ball remained from the original bearing, so only the outer race was left to be removed. This proved to be difficult and they had to grind it out. They knocked the two bearings out of one of the lawnmower wheels and installed one of them in my wheel. Inner and outer diameter was perfect although the bearing was slightly wider than the original. Thus I was unable to install a spring clip that would keep the wheel in place, but a washer sufficed to do that job. The extra bearing was given to me for a spare.

With the trailer all back together I went back into the office to find out what I owed them. "No charge," was their reply. I have much gratitude to G & H Small Engines in Drayton for the help they rendered.

I now ventured to the grocery store to purchase juice for the coming day. Travelling by bike in the heat of summer, I can go through a whole jug in one day, however, all the ice I had from the previous day would be melted, so I asked about purchasing ice to keep my juice cool. "How much do you need?" the friendly owner asked.
"I just have a small cooler," I replied.
There had been some broken bags in the freezer and he went to get some ice. He found they had been thrown out, but a lady suggested opening another. I heard him saying he found one with a whole in it, and moments later he appeared with a grocery bag more than half full of ice. This was enough to comfortable fill my small cooler after I put in the juice, a bottle of water and cheese I had left over from the previous day.

Now it was late morning and I proceeded to Moorefield where my sister had some friends she suggested I visit. I thought it wise to wait out the heat of the day and do some maintenance on my equipment. I arrived shortly after noon and left just before 6pm. Progress from Drayton to Moorefield was slow due to the late morning heat.

Since a hadn't eaten since 6 that morning, I headed for Moorefield's only restaurant. It had closed at 3pm. I bought some pop at the grocery store and headed out. I slight drizzle kept me cool all the way to Palmerston and I made it there by 8pm. I found Small Town Pizza and bought a panzerotti from very friendly staff. When I said I would pitch a tent for the night, she suggested the park across the street. this was right down town and I was afraid a little to public. Another patron suggested another park. I checked it out and found it was worse, so I went back and looked around the downtown park. They had an old train engine sitting near the front entrance and behind it seemed to be the most private spot, so I pitched my tent there.

I slept well but woke up at 4:45 am. By the time I packed up, it was 6am and the convenience store across the way had just opened. I bought pop to supplement the juice from the day before. I then proceeded to the Tim Hortons at the edge of town and got a hot chocolate. The young lady at the cash was sure to get me to write down the web address for my blog so she could follow me.

The morning was cool foggy and there was mist in the air, making the ride damp and cool. It was just warming up when I got to a country store between Molesworth and the graveyard. I bought a cold pop to cool me down and headed for the Molesworth cemetery. I had been there the past year but had been unable to locate one gravestone where my ancestors were buried. Although it was on a web site, I wanted a picture of it to which I owned copyright so I could use it in a family history I am working on. I immediately found the one grave site I had found last year, and with a bit of careful searching I found the other. The mission a success I now had only to return to London.

My Great, Great Grandfather, John McNeish came to Canada about 1852 with 3 children and his wife, Margaret Mitchell. Many of the Mitchells live in Molesworth today and I stopped in to Bob Mitchells to pass the hat part of the day, planning to get to Listowel to camp for the night. About 5, I had worn out my welcome and Bob was hinting that it was time to move on. I proceeded to the stone house that was originally constructed by the McNeishes and took some pictures. then, I proceeded to the farm of Howard and Betty Mitchell.  Betty immediately bought a book from me and asked where I planned to spend the night. When I said I would pitch my tent in Listowel, she noted that they had lots of space on their farm for a tent. I was quite tired and accepted the offer, but she upped that offer to providing a bed and breakfast in the morning.

I had talked to Howard and Betty on the phone a couple of years ago, but that day, July 7, 2016, was the first time we had met. I was overcome by the generosity of this couple but thought that this was what my book was about. If we all adopted a spirit of cooperation and helped each other, everyone would be like this wonderful couple.

As I left the next morning, Friday July 8, I took a picture from their laneway and more at the end of the lane. It was overcast but warm and the trip into Listowel was tiring. After a quick stop at Tim Hortons, my next stop was  the Listowel Chamber of Commerce visitor information center. I sold another book to a staff member and they volunteered to charge my tablet while I went to the newspaper and a Giant Tiger store.

At the Listowel Banner newspaper office, a reported took my picture and I had the second longest interview. (The one in Fergus was longer for the Wellington Advertiser.) The reporter said it would be next week before the story was printed and said he would contact me by email for an update. He also volunteered to send me a pdf version of the actual printed story. This is a real blessing to a lonely traveler. I look forward to the final outcome of this.

Back at the visitor information centre, my tablet was not yet fully charged and it was still mid afternoon. They allowed me to use a computer which is where I made the last post from.

It was still very hot when I left Listowel by the bike trail, but the trail provided a lot of shade which helped a lot, however I took the wrong trail.

To be continued.
(I am now (July 11) home in London and my wife is asking when I am going to get off the computer and go to bed.)

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