Thursday, July 14, 2016

Home at last

On Friday Afternoon, July 8th I took the wrong bike path out of Listowel and it suddenly ended at Tremaine Ave. I stopped in at Thalen Enterprises were James and Christie Thalen were glad to give me direction. About 2.5km later I was back on the right trail heading towards Atwood.

As I was leaving I began to think I should have had a meal. Although I wasn't hungry, I was not sure when I would next find food. When I got to 75 line, I took a detour into Atwood to look for a restaurant. It was about 5pm and the only restaurant had closed at 3. Does no one eat after 3 in these small places. I was assured that I could get pizza in Milverton if I could get there on time.

Heading East on 72 line I met someone taking a break from their motorcycle. He spent his last $20 to buy a book. There was light drizzle and thunder when I reached Milverton about 8pm. I got a couple of slices of pizza and headed the warning of a passer by and sought shelter in the local car wash. There I ate my pizza and tried to nap as I waited out the rain. It was about 9:30 when it stopped and I considered looking for a place to pitch my tent, but I wanted to get to Tavistock before morning and decided to push on although it would mean reaching my brothers house about 3 am. I continued east on line 61 although it was getting dark. My direction told me to go south for 3km on road 116. I found this was gravel and quite soggy after the rain. I saw a schoolyard and decided to get off the road and nap for a bit. Sleep would not come and after an hour or so, I continued on.

I am not sure what time it was when I reached my brothers house just north of Tavistock, but he had offered to let me sleep on his back porch when I was heading out from London, so, being careful not to wake them, I finally got some sleep.

Later that morning, Saturday July 9, 2016, I was again offered use of the porch while my brother had some business to attend to. I took a tour of Tavistock and got some breakfast about noon. When I returned to my brother's, he had just got home.

My tour of Tavistock made me aware that there was a wind out of the west. I had to contend with so many head winds that I wanted to wait this one out, however I did not know if I would make London on time. I had a doctor appointment on Monday and needed to be home by Sunday night. If the weather cooperated I could easy make it in one day, but what if the head wind persisted?

My brother offered a ride that would solve that problem and, although I disliked the idea of not completing the trip on bicycle, I accepted. Home in mid afternoon, I crawled into bed and slept. All day Sunday I did little else besides sleep and eat. I had not realized how exhausted I was.

It is now Thursday July 14, 2016. I am back in the old routine and longing for the freedom of the road.

Coming up, What did I learn from my trip?

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