Sunday, July 3, 2016

On the Move Again

On the Move Again

Yesterday, Saturday July 2, 2016, I left Guelph and headed for Fergus. This 31.5 km trip would have taken 1 hour and 45 minutes for a strong biker. I am 64 and not looking to break any speed records. I again faced a strong head wind and I am pulling a trailer with about 200 pounds of equipment. I have banners on the trailer that catch the wind. Thus this easy leg of my journey took 7 hours. I did take plenty of breaks. There were places were trees broke the wind, but there were many steep hills and black flies among the trees. coasting down the hills gave me a break, but pushing the bike and trailer up hill took much effort.

After this strenuous 7 hour journey, I arived at Jesters Fun Factory at 5 pm. just as the store was closing. My sister, who owns the store, informed me that there was a minor crises in Guelph and I was needed to sit with my parents while my other sister went to attend to it. I rode on to her house and parked my bike. Taking what I would need for a day, she gave me a ride back to Guelph. So, after a day of difficult peddaling, I am back in the same room I started out in.

It is now Sunday July 3 and my younger sister has promised to pick me up and take me back to Fergus when she closes her store today. I will likely stay there overnight and do some research at the Wellington County Museum tommorrow before heading to the Egerton Farm.

Due to these delays, I may change some of my original plans. My goal is to go where the Lord leads me, so any plan I have is arbitrary.

I am looking forward to the remaining part of my trip and some easier biking conditions.

Unfortunately I have forgotten to bring the USB cable for my camera, so I am not able to upload pictures. I have many to share when I get back home.

George McNeish

The Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project (FSCPP)

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